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About Us

Who are Gulf Coast Preppers?

We are a group of like-minded individuals residing on the southeast Gulf Coast who have dedicated ourselves to assisting one another in the event of a crisis. This website is not for everyone. For example, if you live in North Dakota there isn't much you can do in an emergency with those of us living on the Gulf Coast.

This website is for preppers living within a couple hours of Mobile, Alabama, to include the greater Pensacola area, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and smaller towns located within a couple hours of Mobile. If you don't reside in this general area you will be much better served finding a group closer to your home.

If you do reside on or near the Gulf Coast and wish to join us, please click the "Register" tab and submit your contact information.


In order to become a member of the Gulf Coast Prepper Network you must reside within about two hours of Mobile, Alabama. The registration system is configured to deny access to applicants beyond that radius. Upon registering you will be granted "Level White" (Level-1) access, providing you with access to 80% of the materials on the website. It isn't necessary that you ever move beyond Level White. Many of our members are content to remain at that level of access. Level White members simply don't have complete access to all communications documents or our fallback location.

In order to gain "Level Red" (Level-2) access you must attend one of our monthly meetings where we can meet with you face to face. Level Red access will provide you with full access to all materials except those related to our fallback location. It isn't necessary that you ever move beyond Level Red access. To obtain "Level Blue" access you will have to physically attend one of our regularly scheduled "bug out practices" and remain overnight. We just don't want to provide people with knowledge of our fallback location unless they actually intend to use it in the event of a crisis. Level Blue access will provide you with access to 95% of everything on the website. Beyond Level Blue there is a "Level Green" and "Level Gold", providing an increased level of access.

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